Illo Tempore: Angelic Love

I'm currently writing a new fantasy book! It will consist of 2 parts, 15 chapters in total, plus an epilogue. The first part (8 chapters) is available to read for free and the second (7 chapters) is coming out now!

After I finish editing the whole story I will publish it as an actual book! I'm so excited to give it to the world!

First part: Journey to Self

Chapter 1. Desk colleagues

Julia was an ordinary teenage girl; her life, though, was not so common. She was gifted with the power to see angels and other high forces. The only persons on Earth who were supporting her in this journey were her parents, but that wasn’t enough for her. There were much more people who were not understanding her and were thinking she was with her head in the clouds, and among them were all her middle school colleagues.

Before starting high school, Julia was really nervous about finding her place between her new classmates, or even… friends.

When the day has come, she took place near a girl named Mary, with whom she found out that she had a common interest: music. In the first days of school, the girls were singing together during every break, convinced that they were going to be friends forever. Julia was overwhelmed with happiness, she had just found her first true friend… until she realized she had never told her about the angels. Will things remain the same after that?

The first time Julia brought this topic into discussion, Mary responded:

“What a wonderful imagination you have!”

Even though it was a compliment, Julia noticed that it was nothing else than a delicate way to tell her she didn’t believe her, and that made her feel really sad.

“I was wrong. I fell in an illusion. High school is not better than middle school”, she thought. However, she managed to hide that and to only say “Thank you” aloud.

Therefore, it was obvious that Mary wasn’t the partner she was looking for.

But Julia didn’t give up on the positive thoughts. She knew that someone was meant to be for her, happy to listen to her stories about angels, knowing they were real. And she was sure that this person was in her high school. She couldn’t explain the reason behind this, she simply had a feeling.

Every day, Julia was telling Mary about the angelic beings which she was coming across. Her classmate’s reactions were less and less interested, but the girl with the angels was not giving up. She was desperate to share her feelings with someone else than her family, otherwise she was feeling lonely. And, until she was going to find the right person, she did her best with Mary.

After about two weeks, the miracle happened! In that day, like every time she was going to high school, Julia was not looking forward, but upwards. The enchanting angels were flying everywhere the teen girl was walking, as if they were trying to distract her from her target. But she didn’t regret it at all, she was even better in keeping the right path than those who were used with the material world.

Julia was so used with the angels, that she knew all of them by heart. She even had a favorite one, who was always flying through the leaves of the tree in front of her house and whose blonde hair was glowing like the sun.

The street where Julia lived was a quiet one, with small houses and a lot of nature. Anyway, the tallest tree in the area was placed exactly between her house and the neighboring one, and that tree was the “home” of the angel, who was always staying on one of its branches.

“Julia!” he stopped her. “I want to tell you something: Today is the big day.”

Despite Julia’s countless meetings with the angels, this was the first time when a high force spoke to her. The girl’s heart was beating of emotion faster than usual. After she got used to the idea, which didn’t really happen instantly, she ran fast forward to the school so she wouldn’t be late.

And, guess what, she did arrive in time. Mary was already in the class. Julia couldn’t wait to share her feelings with her classmate. Even though she was aware that she was not going to believe her, Julia couldn’t help but tell her about the message from the “resident” of the tree by her house. She arranged her luggage in her desk without paying a lot of attention, that’s how excited she was, and then she exclaimed:

“Hi, Mary! Guess who was today in the tree again!”

“Your imaginary friend?” Mary replied, rolling her eyes.

“He’s not imaginary! My angel with golden hair and white wings really was flying there! And for the fi-”

Before Julia got to the part where the angel talked, Mary lost her control and interrupted her:

“Why did I decide to sit next to you? To listen to your constant lies about your angels? I’m moving from here!”

Mary threw her pencil case in her backpack and left the class with anger, without even asking for permission. Julia didn’t like staying alone and, since she had a sensitive personality, she started crying.

Luckily for Julia, the first class of the day was with their main teacher. She was very kind and she was definitely going to accept to find her a new desk colleague.

When the teacher entered the class, Julia was staying with her head on the desk, while Mary was nowhere to be found.

“Hello, children!” she smiled, and then she added: “Julia, what’s wrong?”

“Mary… hates me”, the girl sobbed. “Nobody likes me!”

“I think you are a very smart and unique student, I don’t understand Mary and Nobody.”

“Th… thank you”, Julia said with a lump in her throat.

“I’ll take care of Mary when she will be present, but, if you want, you can stay with Michael. He is also alone and I assure you that he will be nice with you.”

Julia’s first thought was that she didn’t want to stay next to a boy, but Michael seemed really cute, therefore she accepted it gladly.

His appearance was like her male version: the same brown, straight hair (only the haircut was different) and the same round face with Chinese-like eyes.

Michael took a seat next to her. His openness to her could be read on his big smile.

“Hi, Julia!” he started, shyly.

At first, Julia was just as shy as him, but she got used with him easily. She still didn’t know how to start the discussion about angels; Michael was the first boy with whom she truly interacted until then.

“Do you like angels?” she asked her new colleague after a while.

“Of course! I never told anyone about this, but there is a blonde one in the tree in front of my house, who…”

Julia’s face changed. There was somebody else who could see them, in the same class as her! It was a fantastic moment and a huge step towards a better world. And the part with the blonde one…

“Michael, are we neighbors without knowing??”

They were both laughing out loud. Julia’s greatest dream came true! Michael, unlike her, didn’t have a problem with keeping his thoughts for himself, but it was still a supreme joy to have a partner in this experience.

Julia, who had a very sharp sense of hearing, realized that the girls in her class were talking about her behind her back:

“Really? That weird angel has a lover… and I don’t?!”

She decided to ignore them. Also, Michael was not more than a friend to her. They had just met, but it’s true that they were getting along amazingly with each other.

After the classes, the two teens decided to go home together, to find out that they really were neighbors. They admired the angelic beings on the road together. Finally, Julia could fully trust the person by her side.

Chapter 2. The Great Portal

The angelic children’s houses were one next to the other, being separated by nothing else than a fence, in front of which there was the tall tree, where the angel could be seen by Julia and Michael combing his long, golden hair.

How come the two classmates have never met on their way to school or home? No matter the explanation, it was obvious that their relationship was written in the stars and their meeting in high school happened just the way the destiny planned it.

“Julia! Michael! This long-waited moment has finally arrived… You look awesome together!” a voice could be heard from above. It was the angel.

“We are desk colleagues”, Julia smiled proudly.

“A couple of Clairvoyants! It’s the perfect time for you to return to yourselves!” he exclaimed.

For the first time, Julia was confused by the speech of her spiritual idol. It was normal for the girls in her class to have wrong assumptions about the friendship between her and Michael, but, coming from the angel, it seemed suspicious.

“We are not together…” the girl remarked.

“I don’t mean it in that way, my dear. Don’t worry, you will see where life leads. But now, since you are already friends, I know you will Lightwork for a long time to come. Let me take you to your real home… planet Illo Tempore.”

“Illo… what?” Michael asked, confused. But, before the angel had time to confirm the boy that he had heard him right, the two high schoolers woke up surrounded by a dense, white fog that was spinning them crazily.

The feeling was like sleeping and entering a dream, but, given that it all happened after a conversation with the angel (who could do magic), it was real for sure.

After the fog teleported Michael and Julia to the destination, they arrived in front of a heart-shaped pink gate with blue wings. At first they were afraid they had to pass some tasks in order to go through it, but the door opened by itself just for them.

The kingdom beyond the winged heart was fully white as snow, full of peace and tranquility. Despite the wintery atmosphere, it wasn’t cold at all.

No matter how used Julia and Michael were with seeing angels due to their special ability, they were astonished to see there were thousands more angelic beings than on Earth. For a second, Julia thought she had arrived in Heaven, but Michael assured her she was still alive.

The partners were walking, holding hands and viewing the supernatural landscape, until they intersected with a fairy. She had the same blonde hair with the angel from the tree, only it was sprinkled with pink and purple flowers.

“You must be Julia, and you, Michael, right?” she asked with a delicate voice. “When two Clairvoyants meet, Planet Illo Tempore is waiting to help them return to themselves, so that they can Lightwork after.”

“Clairvoyants?” they both remarked, surprised.

“Those who have their inner eye open. In your language, those who can see the angels.”

Michael and Julia felt honored. Julia’s presentiments regarding the high school came true. And their ability to see the angels was giving them the name of Clairvoyants and the mission of Lightworking. What could have been more beautiful?

The fairy guided them to a big castle, with five blue towers and five pink ones.

“If Clairvoyance was a subject, you would deserve an A, and in illotemporean schools the grades are from 1 to 10”, the little angel, who noticed the teens were counting the towers, explained to them.

The palace was surrounded by a golden river.

“This one symbolizes your aura”, she added, while the children were following with large eyes, full of interest, the glowing water flowing in circles.

Since the newcomers didn’t know where to go, their guide stated:

“Here is the bridge. You choose your room, because we are talking about returning to self after all. Now I will leave you, I hope you will feel great on our planet and… welcome home!”

Julia and Michael climbed some stairs until they reached the tallest towers. The girl chose a pink bedroom, and the boy a blue one. Personal space was necessary in the process of rebirth, but, given that they were in this together, they wanted to find a common room. In spite of having countless similarities, there was no hall which fits both of their tastes. From here they came to the conclusion that they have to grow up more before getting to “live” together.

On the windows of both rooms, they could see unicorns running happily through the eternal snowy hills and the sugary trees. In the sky there was no corner without a fairy or an angel.

The two friends were feeling like home in their bedrooms. Those were the coziest houses possible, but they were constantly thinking of one another and they couldn’t wait to meet again and talk like high schoolers.

Even though it took them about one hour to fall asleep because of the tons of thoughts and questions in their heads, Michael and Julia slept in their first night on Illo Tempore better than anytime. The pillows and blankets were even softer than the teddy bears from their childhood.

The next day, as soon as they both woke up, the clairvoyance partners decided to meet on the hallway. They each grabbed a sandwich and a cookie for breakfast and then they went out for a walk.

They searched for the way to the Unicorn Garden, but they didn’t manage to complete it. They asked a fairy and she showed them a secret tunnel, through the Gold River. Julia and Michael followed it and arrived exactly in the place they saw from above. Each of them got on one unicorn and they went horseback riding on a tour of the whole planet (time was fluid there, so they didn’t get tired at all), talking in order to know each other better, while the mythological horses were showing them the most spectacular places from the Self-Return Kingdom.

Angels from everywhere were creating a special ambient music for the two heroes’ trip. The unicorns were hidden through the white nature of Illo Tempore.

Michael, after seeing a group of fairies singing like at a party, asked his friend:

“You know tomorrow is my birthday, right?”

Julia widened her eyes and looked at him for a long time and then she responded:

“I can’t believe it! Mine is the day after tomorrow!”

The boy returned the look with the same wide open eyes.

“What an unbelievable present from our sweet angel!” the girl added.

“That’s what I was saying, too!”

When they found out they were almost twins, Julia and Michael couldn’t think of anything else. They wanted home, so they could prepare the party. The unicorns were so enchanted, that they knew exactly what the children were thinking, without them having to express their thoughts out loud. Therefore, the horses not only turned around, but they also did an even more spectacular trick: to reduce the amount of time, they grown wings and took the teenagers on a flight to the castle. In fact, flying was even more fun than walking, because they were colliding with all the celestial creatures.

They arrived home just in time for lunch, knowing that unforgettable moments were about to come.

Chapter 3. The Rebirthday Party

Back at the palace, Julia and Michael’s eyes fell on the tree in front of the castle, placed next to it in an almost identical position with the one by their Earth homes.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if our angel would make an appearance somewhere around here” Michael said.

“Did you really have to read my mind?” Julia laughed.

Smiling like every time they were thinking alike (which happened several good times), they entered the house. A fairy was waiting for them inside, none else than the one who led them when they first arrived on Illo Tempore.

“I know what you are preparing for”, she stated. “My sisters from the Rebirthday Garden told me that you passed them while talking about when you were born.”

“The Rebirthdays? That sounds so… interesting!” Julia exclaimed, struggling a little to find the right word.

“Yes, whoever arrives on our planet invariably goes through a process of Rebirth”, the fairy answered. “You are going through a period of life when you are changing completely. This birthday party will be different than others, because you entered the Great Portal at the perfect time.”

“Great!” Michael rejoiced with a contagious enthusiasm.

Both of them headed to their rooms to prepare their clothes for the party. And regarding the food, the guide-fairy promised them that she will talk to a cook-fairy. She also communicated them that a designer-fairy will decorate the entire castle and garden.

After everything was set up, they both relaxed by reading books, to calm down their impatience.

In the evening, Julia couldn’t fall asleep and neither could Michael. Between 1 and 2 AM, after tons of tries to sink into their beds, the girl decided to visit her friend. He was at least just as awake as her, especially since it was already his birthday.

“Happy birthday!” Julia whispered, even though nobody was in the palace other than the fairies and she could have talked without stress.

“Thank you, same to you!” Michael said, without paying attention to the fact that Julia’s celebration was one day later. They are in this together after all.

While she was chatting with Michael, Julia slowly placed her head on his chest and she closed her eyes. The boy put her carefully on the bed and, a few minutes later, he fell asleep too, while hugging her.

The next morning, Julia was surprised to find herself in Michael’s room, so close to him. After they both woke up, they started smiling and laughing uncontrollably. There aren’t enough words to describe their mood as they knew that two days of continuous party were about to come.

“I will go dress up now and then we meet outside, to see what the fairies have done for us, alright?” Julia suggested, and Michael agreed.

Julia chose a long dress, with a floral pattern, that was sensationally advantaging her body, while Michael was wearing an elegant cape with a tie.

The interior of the castle was not decorated. The truth is it was full of wooden sculptures and paintings on the walls. Michael wondered why the fairies didn’t do what they promised; Julia, on the other hand, was still hoping that a sea of ornaments would come out of nowhere. And she was right, the exterior was more beautiful than in any of the stories she had ever read. The palace looked like it had wings and the number of fairies in the sky was equaled by the one of heart-shaped, colorful balloons.

Outside, they went through the secret tunnel in the Gold River to the Unicorn Garden. The guide-fairy and the cook-fairy showed them a long table placed under the trees especially for them.

“It’s only us here, why are there so many seats at the table?” Michael asked for himself, after he thanked the angels and complimented them together with his friend. The guide-fairy heard him and replied:

“Did you really believe you could celebrate something like this alone?”

“I didn’t know fairies eat human food”, Julia remarked.

“It’s not us, indeed we don’t need food for our bodies, we feed our souls with happiness. But we invited some surprise guests.”

“How cool!” they both exclaimed.

A huge group of girls and boys entered through the secret tunnel. It looked like the class from Julia and Michael’s high school, only they didn’t recognize any of them. In fact, they were illotemporeans, residents of the planet. Physically, they looked like normal people, but they had supernatural powers, fact that could be read on the unusual glow in their eyes.

As soon as everyone was seated, with the birthday boy and girl placed in a special corner of the table, the designer-fairy threw flakes in the air as if they were confetti and the party-fairies from the Rebirthday Garden came and started singing.

While waiting for the food to appear on the table, the teens started to get acquainted one with each other.

A blonde boy with a sharp face and sky-like blue eyes was constantly staring at Julia, without saying a word, while she and Michael were exchanging impressions about Illo Tempore with the others.

“Wow, you’re from Earth!” a freckled girl, with redheaded curls and big emerald eyes, looking like a porcelain doll, exclaimed.

“I heard that angels aren’t visible for earthly eyes”, another girl added, who had the same Japanese features as Julia, excepting the color of her eyes, which were blue instead of brown, and she was keeping her black hair tight in a braid.

“Well, they are Clairvoyants!” the redhead explained, even though she couldn’t believe it either.

After an intense, joyful discussion, the main dish arrived: potato salad with vegetables. But those ingredients were not like the ones on Earth. They had different color shades and taste; the difference was subtle, but it surely existed, since it was food cooked by fairies. The cook, observing that everyone enjoyed the delicious food, brought the cake.

The cake was round, with a sugar figurine representing an angel and a plaque saying “Happy Rebirthday, Julia and Michael”. On the sides of the angel there were two pairs of candles in the shape of the numbers 1 and 5, because they both turned 15 years old.

After the celebrated ones blew out the candles, while the flames were rising and forming a heart, the shy boy spoke for the first time since he had arrived there:

“Umm, hello Julie, I’m… Gabriel… umm… you’re… I…”

Julia was feeling intimidated by Gabriel. He was a cute boy, but her ideal partner was still Michael, therefore she didn’t know what to respond.

Michael took the tone and, defending his friend, he said:

“Hello, Gabby.”

“I wasn’t talking to you, Micky”, Gabriel said with a despiteful tone and pulled Julia to him.

“Nooo! Don’t separate me from my soulma- I mean, my friend, right before my birthday! And what about the cake?”

Jealous, Gabriel left the girl alone on a field whose tranquility was a little scary and then he returned to the meal.

Crying, Julia shouted after a fairy, asking her to take her back to the cake and, first of all, to Michael.

And one of the fairies actually did respond to her. They got back to the Unicorn Garden together, but Julia’s cake craving faded away when she realized Michael wasn’t there anymore.

“Julia, why are you crying?” the doll-girl asked as soon as she saw her.

Julia couldn’t say anything else than “Michael” with a sigh full of tears.

“Gabriel had always wished to be with an earthling girl and that’s why he got emotional when he met you”, the redhead, who presented herself in the beginning as Caroline, explained to her. “And, because he didn’t manage to conquer you, he kidnapped Michael too…”

Julia couldn’t stop crying, but she hugged Caroline to thank her for being so friendly with her and for keeping her updated. Caroline’s touch was so warm, that Julia felt like she was held by the Sun itself. That was her illotemporean power: the healing hug.

“It will be alright”, Julia heard a voice, but it wasn’t Caroline’s. It was an angel. Not the one from the tree, but he seemed like his brother or maybe even his son. Then, he added: “Now that you are Reborn, it’s time to return to yourselves. Sadly, you can’t do this together, but when you will meet again you will feel the highest joy possible. Me and the other angels have a surprise for you.”

“Thank you from my entire heart!” said Julia, who calmed down instantly due to the presence of the celestial being.

Not even Illo Tempore, with all its white surroundings, wasn’t really peace itself. In fact, the planet was the road to peace, which is never easy.

Chapter 4. A whole broken in two halves

After Gabriel left Julia all alone and returned to the party, he found Michael giving him a meaningful look.

Gabriel told Michael he will lead him back to her, but they headed in the opposite direction. Michael noticed that, but he didn’t know exactly how to act against it.

The place where they ended up was just as wild as Julia’s, but there was no chance it would be the same one.

While the boys were gone, Julia managed to return to the garden thanks to the fairies and Caroline picked her up.

Julia got on a unicorn to search for the road to self, so she could get to her friends afterwards.

Michael, on the other hand, had no idea which way to go to reach his destination. When he decided on a direction to follow, he felt the presence of a spirit. It was the angel who had also visited Julia. He told the boy the same information about returning to self that he had told the girl.

Confused, but thankful, Michael headed forward on the road chosen by his intuition and he succeeded to get to the palace. Julia had already left, now it was his turn.

The helpful Caroline told Michael how his partner proceeded and he followed the same actions: he rode a unicorn and let himself guided to his inner self by the angels.

Walking on the path the unicorn suggested, Michael felt like he was seeing Julia every five seconds, but actually they were fairies. At first, they all seemed so different from each other, and now they all had Julia’s facial expression.

After about one hour of riding and meditating about the temporary loss of his best friend, Michael saw an indefinite shape in the distance, which seemed like the first task he had to pass for his mission.

Right in front of this form was Juli- no, a fairy again. In fact, it was a male fairy. He didn’t even look like Julia or Michael, but like the angel from the tree, only he was brunette instead of blonde.

The angel scanned Michael with his eyes.

“The main trait that is laying in your heart and waiting to show itself is gallantry. When you’re going to master it, you will wake up happily ever after.”

Michael was speechless. His first thought was: It will be so beautiful! But how can I be a gallant if Julia isn’t here for me to defend her?

Finally, the black shadow from the sky turned into a monster with claws and fangs.

“Help!” the young boy heard a soft voice.

“Go, Michael!” the male fairy shouted.

The beast was attacking a girl. It wasn’t a fairy, therefore it was impossible for her to not be Julia. But, on the other hand, her voice didn’t sound like hers… Analyzing carefully the scene happening in front of him, Michael recognized the “blue-eyed Julia” from the group of illotemporean guests. Her name was Emily.

“I don’t have a weapon to fight!” Michael panicked.

“A true knight doesn’t need anything else than the sword of his mind”, the boy-fairy assured him.

Michael jumped in front of Emily, ready to sacrifice himself for her, since he didn’t know what else to do. He rushed to help and he didn’t even worry about her being someone else than his soulmate.


On the opposite side of the planet, Julia was stopped from her ride by a fairy, but it was even more than that.

“Julia. I am Victoria, the goddess of art.”

A goddess! Julia thought she was dreaming. She was used with angels, but this was already another level. The goddess scanned the young girl, just like the male fairy who showed up to Michael did for him, and she told her that her main value was creativity.

“I always loved to draw”, Julia admitted. “And to sing, to write, to take pictures… you explained it very well, to be creative. I feel the need to express my feelings when I don’t have someone to share them with”, she added. This reminded her of Mary and of her entire middle school. “Michael was the only one who…”

“And he still is!” the goddess assured her, caressing her on the back. “Get ready!”

“So, I have to activate my inner creativity…”

“Please accept this gift from me. The first drawing you will feel inspired to make will set up your future. You see, art helps you not only to express feelings, but also to manifest your dreams and goals” Victoria said, handing her a set of watercolor paints.

“Th… thank you.”

Julia mentally asked the unicorn to take her to the castle so she could paint, but he left her on a white field instead. At first, she refused to get off of the unicorn’s back, but a fairy whispered to her:

“No, there’s nothing wrong, this is where you actually wanted, you’ll see.”

The girl, who was fascinated by celestial beings, listened to the fairy without hesitation. She didn’t notice which one of the fairies talked, but she knew she could trust her whoever it was.

In the end she understood: at home she didn’t have any paper or paintbrush, while the ground there was like a huge canvas. Also, right next to her she found a branch broken from a snowy bush, perfect for an improvised brush. Everything seemed like it was arranged by angels just for her, like a natural workshop.

But there was one problem left: when she was about to start painting, it started getting dark. The next day was her birthday. And she was going to celebrate it all alone. At least she was with her friends at Michael’s birthday…

The unicorn was laying down, forming a little bed. Julia was seating on his soft stomach and she quickly entered the world of her dreams.

Chapter 5. The stairs of life

The little artist woke up as soon as the sun has risen, waiting for the time she could start painting, so she could try to compensate the lack of the party she had been eagerly waiting for.

The first colors on the palette that caught Julia’s attention were the colors of the rainbow. Exactly what was missing on the planet’s immaculate white. Julia painted a rainbow-shaped portal. This is what my life will look like after I find myself, she thought.

Under the rainbow, she sketched a couple - a boy and a girl. For the first time ever, Julia felt relaxed while drawing this, because now her limited classmates, who would have commented that she was “in love”, couldn’t see her.

In fact, the couple wasn’t even necessarily her and Michael, but the general symbol of Love. On the other hand, Julia was open to anyone that the angels would choose for her, but it just so happened that all signs were leading towards Michael.


While Julia was painting her ideal happy ending, Michael was chasing the monster, with the frightened Emily behind him.

The scary creature flew away.

“Michael, I escaped! Thanks for saving me!” Emily cheered, radiating happiness.

“Wait a second, Emily, the adventure didn’t even start yet” the boy said. “Look, there is a staircase…”

And indeed, the beast disappeared for the moment, leaving a staircase on its way.

Without understanding what this had to do with saving Emily, Michael started climbing the stairs. When his legs were touching the steps, it wasn’t feeling like climbing a stair in a block or a mountain, but like growing up.

I have to grow up more before I can live together with Julia, he remembered.

Michael was ascending with determination. A few times he was almost about to fall; first the fairies saved him, but later he managed to keep himself balanced on his own.

He kept hearing Emily shouting for help, even though the monster was far away from her. The circumstances were very vague. Slowly, the stairs started to seem like they were heading nowhere, and Michael got more and more tired, but he had the ambition to be strong and he kept walking. It was impossible for them to really continue endlessly.

When the hero lost his hope and was ready to give up, Emily went up after him.

“I couldn’t help you…” Michael said regretfully.

“Oh, I defeated the beast. My illotemporean power is to drive away the evil forces. But you helped yourself. Without this rising you wouldn’t be able to reach your happy ending.”

In that atmosphere, if he wouldn’t have known that the angels were writing his story with Julia in the stars, he could have imagined that his happy ending could be next to Emily.

The brave girl decided to accompany the self-return hero while he continued his road, to support him. He had already got used with the obstacles on the stairs, but she was still falling, being saved by no one else than Michael the Gallant.

Chapter 6. The fight for Love

It took Julia seven weeks to finish her painting. When she finally got to an end, she was almost about to faint from hunger and thirst, but these things didn’t matter, because she was proud of her achievement. But her good mood was spoiled by no one else than Gabriel, who came resolutely to her, with his specific kind of silence.

“What do you want?” she said with an annoyed tone.


“Nice drawing”, he remarked after a while.

Julia’s journey on Illo Tempore taught her many aspects of the surrounding world, so she recognized Gabriel’s envy on the boy in the painting.

Gabriel was looking directly in Julia’s eyes, dreaming of being in Michael’s place. The boy was intending to control the girl’s mind.

“I’m smarter than you” Julia added. Caroline had told her everything about Gabriel, which helped her a lot.

In the olden days she would have looked down helplessly, but now, after she got up, she looked him back in the eyes, “letting him” to penetrate her mind. What Gabriel didn’t know was that Julia cared about Michael so much that she was not only thinking of him, but also keeping him in her soul. The soul is superior to the mind and Gabriel’s illotemporean power wouldn’t allow him to reach such a high position, therefore his plan didn’t work.

“Would you like to go out with me for a coffee tomorrow? I heard that’s how they say on your planet…” Gabriel initiated. He had never been so talkative before.

“I don’t drink coffee” she answered firmly.

“Then for a tea?”

“I’m not your lover, stupid boy!” Julia snapped and she left so he couldn’t find her anymore.

Gabriel’s heart broke. He screamed so loudly that he caused panic to everyone, except for Julia. She really was smarter and stronger than him.


Two months have passed since Michael has been crossing the stairs continuously. He spent one of these months next to Emily, who felt safer with him than with anyone else.

When Michael was no longer expecting anything, the stairs reached an end. It was a sunny field, with white trees, but, to the young explorer’s huge surprise, the earth was full of color. In fact, a picture was painted on it, illustrating a couple under a rainbow.

It looks like me and Julia, he said to himself. Even though Emily became a very good friend to him, no one was like his Clairvoyant partner.

Michael felt an incredibly familiar energy coming from that painting, but he didn’t consciously realize what it exactly was: it was drawn by no one else than Julia, and the characters really were the two of them.

“Ok, I finished my role, now I will leave you with Julia” Emily concluded at the end of the trip. “Anyway, see you later! And thanks again for everything!”

“No problem! See you soon!”

A scream could be heard far away, as if someone was dying. It was a male voice, but the drawing on the ground gave the boy hope that Julia was around.

“Julia!” Michael shouted.

“Julia is mine” Gabriel frowned, who had just calmed down from his anger crisis and stood with his arms crossed.

The experiences on the stairs gave Michael more self-confidence.

“I challenge you to a duel” the knight said.

Michael had learned to organize situations. He quickly suggested a strategy. He had never got such an idea so fast before.

“Umm, Gabriel, is this white thing on the earth really snow?”

“Snow? What’s that? Something from Earth, of course… This is a full layer of flakes fallen out of the angels’ wings” he explained.

“Ok… I suggest a flake battle!” Michael exclaimed, bending down to gather a ball out of the material on the ground, bypassing the painted surface. The flakes didn’t have the texture of feathers, but of snow, excepting the temperature, which was hot like Caroline’s hug.

Gabriel wasn’t in the mood for fighting, but Michael was very convincing.

“I wonder, what is that fairy writing over there?” Michael remarked.

A winged little girl that looked just like Julia was sitting on her knees in a white bush, writing something down in a notebook. To Michael’s surprise, she heard him and came to whisper to him:

“The magical maneuvers for your duel.”

“Ooh, how nice of you! Thank you!”

Until the fairy finished writing, Michael was struggling to make a flake ball to throw towards Gabriel, but his hands weren’t as big as he wanted the ball to turn out. Gabriel was looking at his opponent with a frown, waiting for him to make the first move.

When Michael was finally happy with his “weapon”, the fairy tore the page from the notebook and gave it to him. It was a list of ten ways to use the flakes on the ground in duels.

Michael made ten balls, this time smaller, and put them aside. Gabriel continued to stay still. The first move on the list was covering the head. Michael slowly headed to Gabriel, with a ball in his hand, and spread it all around his hair.

Gabriel cleaned himself as well as he could, then he also took some feathers and blew them towards Michael like a dandelion. This was the second move. Gabriel didn’t even read the list, but it seemed that he, as an illotemporean, already knew the procedures.

With the sheet of paper in front of him, Michael recognized the second move and he blew them back at Gabriel, while he remained untouched by them.

“Wow, you are really good!” Michael heard a fairy saying to him.

Both boys used all of the methods, in the order each of them wanted. Although Gabriel imposed more fear, Michael was stronger. He couldn’t even believe how much that rising meant, he was very proud of himself.

After all, they were fighting for Julia’s love, and Gabriel didn’t even truly love her, he just had his fixed idea with the earthling girl.

The last move used by Michael buried Gabriel in the ground, who spent about an hour to get out of there.

Chapter 7. The Angels Ship

Right after his victory, Michael heard a love song in the background, written on-the-spot. And the person singing it wasn’t a fairy or an angel. It was…



Julia jumped in his arms, slamming him to the ground.

“Tell me, did you manage to find yourself?” Michael asked, in the same second when Julia also showed her interest: “How did your journey to self go?”

They thought alike again. It was normal when they finally met after all this time.

While they were hugging each other, a delicate doe showed up through the trees.

“Look, a deer in the wild!” Julia couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Let’s follow it!” Michael suggested.

“Be careful, don’t scare it!”

“I don’t think it’s an ordinary doe, it seems to be more like a sign…”

Julia listened to him and the two partners carefully went towards the doe. While the animal was running, they were following its direction.

“I know this road!” Julia exclaimed. “I think we are going home!”

Indeed, before completely vanishing, the doe left them nowhere else than at the Unicorn Garden. Caroline and the other illotemporeans weren’t there anymore; the truth is, some time had passed, the party was over and they hadn’t any reason to still be there.

“Let’s go in the castle, maybe now we can find a common bedroom too” Michael thought out loud.

They barely got out of the secret tunnel when an unmistakable voice resounded from somewhere above them:

“Julia! Michael!”

Their assumption came true: the angel himself from their earthly home came in the tree in front of the palace.

“The Artist and the Gallant! Even from the sky we can see you’ve found yourselves! I promised you a surprise for your future as Lightworkers…”

Both Julia and Michael let themselves surrounded by one of the angel’s wings. This flight was even more beautiful than the unicorn ride one. Their spiritual guide led them to the Angelic Ocean, known as the only sea on Illo Tempore. There, a great, golden ship, decorated with multicolored gemstones and all kinds of angels painted on the sails.

“Welcome, King and Queen of Angels!” the angel said, letting them go.

“Thank you!” Julia and Michael answered simultaneously, full of emotion.

The journey on the sea began. A whole army of angels was driving the ship.

“The Returning to Self is followed by finding Love!” one of the angelic captains said.

“Oh, no! It’s raining!” another one stated, regretfully.

Indeed, a storm has suddenly begun.

“Really? Why now?” Michael cried.

“Angels, please!” Julia tried to ask, but the thunders covered her voice and she remained with the feeling that nobody heard her.

The new king and queen entered the cabin as a shelter. The ship seemed strong enough to resist, but it would have still been much better to find Love on a sunny day. But, guess what, their adventures were not over yet.

Julia realized something:

“So we are Lightworkers… Michael, maybe we can bring back the sun!”

“Julia, look at the window!”

As he said that, not only the light showed up on the sky, but also a rainbow could be spotted on the bull’s eye.

“Just like in my drawing!” Julia had the revelation.

Your drawing?!?” Michael asked, surprised.

Julia explained to him everything about the goddess of creativity. Then, Michael also told her about the dragon and the stairs.

They went outside and, when the boat passed under the rainbow, Michael and Julia stared at each other, felt a deep connection and they got closer and closer, ending up in a soft and tender kiss.

Chapter 8. Back to the high school

Their first kiss became a historical moment. The Angels Ship carried the lovers under the rainbow as through a portal. The rainbow turned out to be the opposite way of the winged heart which took them to Illo Tempore. They arrived in Julia’s courtyard… no, it was Michael’s… By a miracle, the fence was no longer between their houses.

The Returning to Self is followed by Love.

They have to grow up more before they can live together.

Everything was connected like in a puzzle. Julia and Michael couldn’t wait to go back to school. They had been absent for two months and for sure many things had changed. They didn’t even know what to expect.

At dusk, the young heroes retired in their bedrooms. For the first time, they saw each other through the windows. They waved and smiled just like on the day when they first met.

The next day, they left home early in the morning. They bypassed a little on their way to school, walking around the angels, trying not to arrive there too soon. Unlike their first walk, they were more than friends now. They were holding each other in their souls, not in their minds.

At the high school, they were welcomed by their classmates with a heavenly wave of joy. Michael and Julia were informed that they didn’t get any absences and a girl named Anna offered to explain the new lessons to them and to let them know the homework for the following week.

Mary had found herself a group of friends. Seeing who returned to school, the girls realized that their two colleagues brought something new with them, that the classroom had a different vibe…

“Look at the angels!” the kids were all shouting.

“Julia! You were right!” Mary came to her. “It’s unbelievable!”

Did the returning to self really bring that many benefits? Did the whole school rise up together with them? Well, yes, it did!

An angel explained to them:

“You didn’t return to the old Earth. This is the New Earth, and Illo Tempore prepared you for it. More and more people have started opening their inner eye and now they are learning to Lightwork.”

Most of the students couldn’t pay attention to the classes anymore, since they were staring at the angels that they were seeing for the first time ever. But Julia and Michael, who were used with Clairvoyance, taught them how to hide this from the teachers.

After school, Julia had a crazy idea and Michael resonated with it instantly:

“Let’s climb the tree and sit on the branches with our angel!”

The lovers did not leave the class before Mary apologized to Julia about all she said when they used to sit in the same desk.

On their way home, Julia and Michael were greeted by a group of three very familiar teens. Caroline, Emily and Gabriel!

“Hey, Michael, how are you?” Emily smiled.

“Julia, it’s so nice to see you happy!” Caroline exclaimed.

“Julia, I’m sorry that I… you look… you are… Michael…” Gabriel stuttered. Even though his shyness was unchanged, he was much kinder and friendlier not only with Julia, but also with Michael.

“What are you doing on Earth?” Michael asked shocked, but full of joy.

“We decided to make you a surprise and to come after you” Emily answered.

“What a nice surprise! I was already missing you!” Julia rejoiced. Then, she added towards Michael: “You and Emily are…?”

“Friends”, he assured her, while the look in his eyes was saying “No one is like you, Julia”.

Julia looked back at him and he could read the same love statement in her eyes.

Even though Emily could have been dreaming of more, she was ready to accept the truth, same as Gabriel.

“Would you like to come to our homes?” Julia proposed to their illotemporean friends.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, we are really busy, we just checked in at a hotel and we have to arrange our visit, but tomorrow we’ll surely visit you!” Caroline assured her.

“Ok, we will meet in this exact spot tomorrow at noon and we will lead you to our home” Michael established, mutually agreeing with the others.

Julia and Michael said goodbye to their new friends and headed towards the angel’s tree.

Despite none of them being sporty, they climbed in the tree successfully. The angel was more than happy to see them.

The first thing that Julia and Michael did was to express their gratitude to him; without him they wouldn’t have arrived at Illo Tempore and wouldn’t have been able to enter the New Era.

The three angelic beings were feeling so relaxed and free, that they started singing. On different voices, they brought the song Julia wrote before her Reunion with Michael to a final form. Many earthlings with their inner eye recently opened were gathering around the tree, as if they were attending a concert.

In that moment, Julia and Michael knew they have fulfilled their purpose in life: they brought the magic from Illo Tempore to Earth.

Second part: Journey to Love

Chapter 9. A graceful idea

Two years have passed since Julia and Michael found their Selves and Love. Meanwhile, Caroline, Emily and Gabriel had returned to their planet, but they still kept in touch with the two earthlings by writing letters to each other; there weren’t such things as phones on Illo Tempore.

At school, everything came back to normal. In addition to that, the teachers also started to see angels. Everyone got used with the high forces; there were no more concentration problems in classes. Besides, the school got nicknamed Archangel National College and even outer people knew it after this title, without even knowing the whole story.

Since the whole class was updated with the presence of the angelic beings, Julia and Michael finally managed to make more friends who they could talk to.

During their discussions, the new friends were really open to finding out the history of angels and Illo Tempore, but not even Julia and Michael knew it all. And they really wanted to learn it.

“I have an idea about it, but I’m afraid it would be difficult to do it by ourselves” Michael said.

“I have one too! It would be hard to believe we are thinking alike again, but when we get home I will ask our angel to help us” Julia intervened.

“Great, I can’t wait!” Michael responded.

Everyone in the friend group was cheering:


“That’s so nice of you!”

“Whatever it is, I’m in!”

“Me too!”

When the two lovers arrived home, they witnessed the biggest surprise in their lives, which wasn’t really a pleasant one: the angel was no longer in the tree. “How is that possible?” Michael asked sadly.

“Did something happen to him? We have to find out!” Julia exclaimed.

Disappointed, but excited, the children entered their houses to write, on a sheet of paper each, the ideas they had had earlier at school.

At night, Michael and Julia were walking around their bedrooms and looking at the window from ten to ten minutes, full of hope. In the following morning, they washed their faces, dressed up quickly and went out in the yard as soon as the sun has risen. Even though they were both night owls and had slept only a few hours, that was not a reason to waste their time and lie in bed. They had a lot to do.

“Let’s write some letters for the angel” Julia suggested.

“And how are we going to send them to him?” Michael asked her.

“We can either place the letters in the tree and wait for him to return or give them to another angel and ask him to hand them to him.”

“Oh, I know, we can give him the notes that we have just written! All we have to do is sign and address them to him.”

“Good idea! But first, I’m curious to see your idea and I’m sure you would also like to see mine.”

Surprisingly – or not really – they thought alike: their common idea was to create a school where they would teach earthlings how to reach the magic of Illo Tempore. It was going to be a serious project, but they were really ambitious and determined to finalize it.

When they finished getting ready for the day, they put their letters carefully in their pockets and started searching for the lost angel.

Chapter 10. The lost angel

“Hello! Sorry for bothering you, but do you have any idea where has your brother from the tall tree left?” Julia and Michael were asking all of the angels they came across.

The first five answers were “no”, full of regret. The next four were “I’ll go search for him”, but they wouldn’t come back; their friend was unfindable.

“Ten should be a lucky number” Michael whispered to Julia.

But then, something happened for the very first time in the Clairvoyants’ lives: there were no more angels around them except for those nine.

“Why are all angels disappearing?” Julia asked for herself, confused and sad.

“I know what to do!” Michael exclaimed. “Let’s climb in the tree and sing, as we did when we first returned to Earth, maybe this way he will come back to us…”

“Oh, yeah!” Julia remembered. “Maybe the angels went on Illo Tempore! Do you think we can go there again and find out?”

“I don’t know, since last time he took us there himself…”

“If we truly want, we should be able to do it!”

Julia closed her eyes and turned her head towards the sun. Please, angels and fairies, take me to Planet Illo Tempore. Thank you, she thought, and the irreplaceable white fog grabbed her to the sky and teleported her.

“Julia! Don’t leave without me!” Michael shouted, but it was too late.

Michael remained on Earth all alone. He wasn’t as good at communicating with high forces as Julia.

“Help! Julia, take me with you!”

Michael remained outside almost the whole day, waiting for his partner to take him to the angels as well; in the end he gave up and retired into his house, meditating.


On Illo Tempore, Julia was dearly welcomed by the guide-fairy. When the girl asked her about the missing angels, the fairy told her that they are working on a project and that’s why they left Earth.

“If you want, I can take you to their workshop” she added.

“Yesss! But wait a minute, I’m waiting for Michael.”

The next day, Michael woke up surrounded by the white fog. It seemed like a dream, but the feeling was a very real one. He had just arrived in his dream world thanks to his belief. There, Julia was talking to the guide-fairy.

“Julia, did you find out anything?” Michael asked.

“Michael! I’m so glad you could get here safely!” Julia smiled.

“Let me show you the angels’ workshop” the fairy guided them. “They most probably don’t want to reveal you the project, but I can take you to them to exchange a couple of words.”

“Sure, thanks a lot!” the boy responded.

The fairy guided them to the Angelic Ocean shipyard, where the famous Angels Ship was located. In contrast to their previous visit, two years earlier, Michael and Julia were already used with that road.

“The workshop is situated in a really distant country, named Thesauria. It is the only island on the whole planet and it’s very hard to get there. The only known vehicle is the Angels Ship, but no one has ever succeeded in finishing their trip. If you really want to go there, I think we can give it a try, but it’s a risk…”

Despite wanting to see her angel again more than anything else, Julia got scared when she heard the word risk, whereas Michael offered himself immediately:

“Of course we’re in! Julia, I’ll help you if anything happens.”

“Michael, you’re the best!” she thanked him.

“All aboard!” a captain-angel screamed.

The guide-fairy got on the ship together with the visitors.

Chapter 11. Searching for Thesauria

On the ship, Julia and Michael were remembering the day when their relationship became stronger, the day when they entered the Great Rainbow.

“We’ve grown so much since then…” Michael thought out loud.

“Yes, definitely! I can’t believe it’s already been two years!” Julia approved.

“So… where is Thesi- uhh, Thesauria?” the boy asked the guide-fairy after a while.

“No one knows” she answered.

Not even the angels? What if we are going in the wrong direction?” Julia panicked, confused.

“The angels are following their intuition”, the fairy explained. “Like I said, no one has ever managed to get on Thesauria by boat.”

“What about the angels who run the workshop, how did they manage to go there?” the girl continued.

“Some angels have their own secret ways. Unfortunately, the captains of the ship aren’t some of those.”

My angel from the tree is the smartest and the best, she thought. Then, she said to herself: Michael, are we thinking the same again? But she was not planning to find out if they were thinking alike or not, because she didn’t want the captain-angels, who were technically less smart, to hear her.

“Sunny, what’s happening on Thesauria now?” a five-year-old girl’s voice could be heard.

“I didn’t know there’s somebody else searching for the island with us!” Michael laughed surprised.

“Stay silent for a second, please, I want to hear what Sunny says” Julia replied.

“The angels are working intensely in the workshop… I see some chess pieces, books and notebooks… It looks like a school…” Sunny, a boy of the same fresh age as the girl he was talking to, stated.

“How interesting! I can’t wait for the sun to set so I can see it too! But I don’t know how much this information will help us to find it” the little girl responded.

“This Sunny guy seems to be a Thesauria expert, should we go talk to him?” Michael proposed to Julia.

“Are we thinking the same again?” Julia admitted, this time out loud.

One of the things the two Clairvoyants have defeated during their illotemporean adventures is shyness, therefore they went, with the biggest smile on their faces, towards the place where they heard the kids’ voices.

Two twins, a girl and a boy, as blonde as the angel from the tree and with big blue eyes that were reflecting the sky, were looking into the distance from the side of the ship.

“Hello! Sorry for bothering you, but we heard that… we were wondering…” Julia started, but she lost her words when she saw the cuteness of the two children.

“She is Julia and I am Michael”, the boy continued. “We want to get on Thesauria and we were wondering if you could help us.”

“Nice to meet you!” the little girl exclaimed. “I am Moony and, as you already heard, he is Sunny. Our illotemporean power is seeing what happens in different corners of the world, or even on other worlds. But Sunny’s power only works in the daytime, and mine in the night.

“We are also searching for Thesauria”, Sunny added. “Mommy read us a legend about a magical treasure hidden on the island and we would like to take a little bit of it.”

“What do you mean, a little bit? We want it all!” Moony snapped.

“What if Julia and Michael want the same thing? We don’t want to steal their hope, but…” he explained, and then he whispered something into his sister’s ear, but the teenagers figured out that he said something like “yes, you’re right, of course we want it all”. After all, they were definitely not older than seven, they were in that time of life when they were creating fantasies in their heads.

“Thank you, but no, that’s not the reason why we are going to Thesauria” Julia assured him. “We don’t know anything about this island, we are letting ourselves guided by the fairies. You see, we are from Earth.”

“What is Earth?” Moony asked.

Julia was taking a deep breath before answering “Another planet”, but Michael was faster than her:

“How come you haven’t heard of planet Earth? Didn’t you say you can see all worlds?”

“It seems like we don’t really know all of them”, Moony realized. “If we would want to, we could see it for sure, but we never had to look there. Sunny, what’s happening on Earth now?”

“Strange, I don’t see anything… Did the sun set?”

“There’s still light outside…”

“Oh, wait, I see something… There are plenty of countries and continents on Earth, which one should I look at?”

“Umm, sorry, but let’s not waste time… So you can’t help us find Thesauria, can you?” Julia interrupted them. “We promise we’ll take you to Earth after this”, she added, looking in the twins’ eyes and observing their burning wish to explore this new world for them.

“Yaaay!” they exclaimed, with their eyes shining. “And no, sadly we can’t help more than that, but we can search for it together!” Sunny said.

“Perfect!” Michael smiled.

“I just realized you didn’t tell us, why do you want to get on the island if not for the treasure?” the little boy added.

“A good friend has a workshop there and we want to talk to him for a bit” Michael explained.

“Of course, if we find the treasure it would be nice to share it” Julia intervened. “I mean, we are friends now, aren’t we? By the way, Michael and I are older, we will let you have the majority.”

When they heard the word friends, Moony and Sunny jumped into a group hug.

The group spent the following hours asking Sunny what was happening in different corners of Illo Tempore, or even on Earth.

“Wait, don’t you have any illotem- I mean, earthling power?” Sunny realized.

“Usually earthlings don’t have powers, but we are different, we can see angels. We are Clairvoyants, like illotemporeans” Julia responded.

“Recently more and more earthlings have started to open their inner eye” Michael reminded her.

“Oh, yes, that’s true” his girlfriend winked at him.

“Let’s go to bed now” Moony suggested after a while. “We have to wake up before the sun rises, I want to see something too.”

The four friends went in the cabin, in their sleeping bags, but they were far from falling asleep. At least they could meditate at their own thoughts and relax before chatting again.

As soon as it got dark, a weird noise was coming from outside, which was making it impossible for the children to fall asleep. It was like a rustle, but something stronger, hard to describe.

“Moony, what’s happening?” Sunny whispered. “At least are you still awake?”

“Of course I am”, she laughed. “I think… I think we arrived at Thesauria!”

Julia, Michael and Sunny started to shout simultaneously:


“I can’t believe it!”

“Wow! Already?”

“But I can’t see it… Could it be the darkness?”

“I don’t understand anything anymore…” Moony answered.

“Let’s ask the angels” Julia initiated, firmly.

“I will go ask them” Michael offered himself. “Julia, you stay here with the little ones in case they have anything more to say.”

The gallant headed to the captains:

“Did we arrive at Thesauria? Or what is this noise?”

“You are so smart! Yes, we arrived! But the island is surrounded by an enchanted fog which makes it invisible for the human eye.”

“Oh, this explains everything… Thank you!”

Michael turned back to his friends to tell them about this.

“So this is why no one could ever get there by boat…” Julia concluded. “But wait, they said only the human eye can’t see it, angels should be able to stop on it.”

“Moony, what’s happening now?” Sunny asked.

“The work there is so intense, that the fog became denser, even for the angelic eye” his sister transmitted them. “At least that’s my only explanation.”

“Are we going back home? There’s no point in waiting here until they are going to finish working…” Julia said, disappointed.

“I say we should not give up” Michael decided.

The angels driving the ship were spinning around the island, having no idea where to anchor.

Chapter 12. Plans turned upside down

Finally, the travelers fell asleep in the ship. A king showed up in Julia’s dream and a queen in Michael’s. The royal people shared the same message to both of the dreamers:

“Moony came up with an assumption and she misinformed you. The reason why Thesauria is invisible to you is not the intense working on the island. And the fairy wasn’t right either: no angel is better than each other. In fact, the only people who can see Thesauria are the King and Queen of Illo Tempore and their guardian angels. I know what you’re thinking: you were named king and queen two years ago, after you returned to yourselves. But you didn’t truly become rulers of the planet, because the current ones haven’t been dethroned yet. And no, their thrones are not in the castle where you lived, don’t be surprised that you haven’t met them. The real royal castle is in the middle of Thesauria. Illo Tempore has an ancient rule that says ordinary people can’t speak to the royal ones, since they emanate a high energy that nobody can reach. When you finish school and fulfill your role on Earth, none other than you are destined to be the next royal couple, that’s why the angel from the tree can go there to work. But you, as humans, won’t be able to step on Thesauria unless you are crowned.”

They woke up scared, at the same time. Moony and Sunny were still sleeping deeply, most probably dreaming about fairies and unicorns.

Julia started telling Michael her dream in a hurry, while he was interrupting her every five seconds exclaiming “Me too”.

“So we might have to go back home on Earth…” Michael concluded, disappointed.

“Why can’t we take advantage of this opportunity and spend some more time here?” Julia hurried to say, but then she remembered about school and added: “Yeah, you’re right, we might have to… But how? Is the portal-rainbow still somewhere around here?”

“Wait a minute, the rainbow was the other side of the winged heart, and that’s not how we got here this time, but through desire, as you taught me. I think we should… go to bed wanting to get on Earth and wake up there?”

“You’re right, Michael! I’m so glad you remembered! Let’s do like that and we’ll see how it goes.”

When Michael and Julia went to sleep again, Sunny and Moony woke up and started to run around through the ship, laughing and talking about Thesauria. The teenagers were lying face to face in their sleeping bags, so it looked like they were sleeping. They weren’t feeling ready to reveal the truth about the island to the little ones, but on the other hand they didn’t want to upset them either, given that they were dreaming about the treasure.

Closing their eyes every time the twins were passing by and opening them back when they were leaving, Julia and Michael were consulting in a whisper about what they were going to tell them.

The next morning, Moony and Sunny were bombarding Julia and Michael with questions and were constantly repeating “We are at Thesauria”. The answer the teens have decided to share was a simplified version of the truth:

“We are awfully sorry we have to tell you, but we both dreamed about a king and a queen that told us we can’t get to Thesauria right now, fact that seems to be true.”

“Why??” Sunny complained.

“Didn’t I tell you yesterday? The angels are working and the fog is denser!” Moony said, convinced.

“They told us the reason as well, but I forgot it…” Michael lied. “Julia, do you remember it?” he added, trying to make it sound believable.

“No, I don’t… I think you’re right, Moony” Julia finally added, knowing that will make her happy. “We promise we will all go there together after the angels finish working!”

The travelers returned to the Illo Tempore main continent. The illotemporeans went to their homes, while Michael and Julia went in their bedrooms from the castle towers. Despite being midday, they lay in their beds to get on Earth.

No matter how much they wished to stay longer in their paradise and to plan their project, they had some important classes at earthly school and they couldn’t be absent. Therefore, they decided to pay attention to their studies, but to return to their dear planet every weekend, to work at their magic school.

They couldn’t fall asleep, but they closed their eyes repeating to themselves “I want on Earth” and they got there in the blink of an eye. Julia became a master at this transporting method, while Michael, even though he still had to practice, was also way better than in the beginning.

“What day is it?” Julia, who has lost her notion of time on Illo Tempore, asked.

“Umm, I know we left home on Friday, and we spent two days on the ship… or three? Math is not my strong point…”

“It’s not mine either, but even if I would be good at math, time flies differently between the two worlds…”

“Wait, we are on Earth now! We have our phones in our rooms! I’ll go check… Oh, no, it’s Monday, 1 PM! Classes have just started! Let’s hurry up!” he added after he came back from the bedroom, with the phone in his hand.

When the few angels that were still there saw the two high schoolers running with their backpacks, they picked them up spontaneously and flew them to school.

“Oh, thank you so much! Hello, Mrs. Teacher, sorry for being late” they said panting as they entered the classroom, before noticing that the teacher wasn’t even there.

“What happened? Do we have free period?” Julia asked Mary, who was sitting in the desk behind her.

“Yes, an angel told us Miss can’t come today.”

For Julia, hearing the words an angel told us coming from Mary’s mouth was an extremely weird feeling, even though a lot of time has passed since her ex-desk mate rejected her. Julia whispered to her boyfriend:

“Can you believe what a good job we did? We are finally in the right place!”

“Julia, let’s go out in the schoolyard until the next class starts” Michael initiated.

When they found a corner where their classmates couldn’t hear them, Michael started to talk about the angel from the tree and their angelic school.

“We should think of materials, like the subjects, the grading system and the admission test, and when the angel comes back, we’ll ask him to put into practice” he said.

“Umm, Michael, you know the angels from Thesauria are working on a surprise for us… I have a feeling they found out about our plans regarding the school, therefore we shouldn’t stay stressed, but count on them.”

“Oh, yeah! How haven’t I thought of that?”

And so, Julia and Michael restarted their normal student lives.

Chapter 13. An unexpected arrival

After all this time, the two high schoolers in love have lived an ordinary week, without any plans of visiting Illo Tempore. But, at the end of it, fantasy has returned in their lives. On Saturday, they woke up on Illo Tempore and they were really inspired to teleport there again, because they had the biggest surprise they could ever imagine (or better said, that they couldn’t imagine). And now, in contrast to the angel’s disappearance, it was a pleasant one.

Before that, they were thinking what to do there and decided to visit their dear illotemporean friends.

“I honestly feel sorry for Moony and Sunny, since they didn’t get to their much desired treasure… And I just realized we didn’t get to take them to Earth” Michael said.

“Oh, you’re right! But what about Caroline, Emily and Gabriel? I wonder how they are, we haven’t met up with them for two years, if not even three!” Julia also remembered.

Excited, the earthlings searched for a fairy to ask her where their friends were living. They found the guide-fairy herself, who took them to a village named Victoria’s Hollow. The houses were white, with multicolored roofs, and their position together with the vegetation was similar to the street where Julia and Michael came from.

“Victoria… The goddess of creativity, right?” Julia asked the fairy.

“I like your spirit of observation” she responded.

The guide showed them each of their illotemporean friends’ houses. When the teenagers knocked on the doors, none of the five seemed to be home.

“For what did we come here if we don’t have any partner to talk to?” Michael sighed.

“We are not alone at all! Look at all those fairies, not to mention we have each other!”

“Yeah, but we are also together on Earth.”

“Let’s go to the Unicorn Garden and we’ll see what we can do.”

In the garden, the surprise I told you about earlier took place.

While the young heroes were debating whether to go for a unicorn ride or to sit on the grass – I mean, on the flakes – and look at the well-known landscape and relax, the angels started to sing a melody that Michael and Julia recognized instantly: the one they were singing in the tree with their angel.

“Julia! Michael! You’re here, I knew it!” a male voice resounded.

It was no one else than the blonde angel!

“Our beloved angel!” the two kids cheered.

“I need your help with my project. I was going to make you a surprise, but I reached a stage when I can’t work without you.”

“We have been waiting for an opportunity to talk to you for so long! In fact, we tried to arrive on Thesauria by the Angels Ship not earlier than last week, after the fairies told us why you weren’t home, in the tree!” Julia exclaimed.

“The fact is we want to organize an activity with our school, where we take the students here and teach them to open their inner eye” Michael intervened.

“I know everything. The angels that were in the high school area when you were talking to your colleagues told me. And that’s exactly what I’m doing in the workshop: the Illo Tempore Academy, a school of life!”

“I can’t believe it!!” they exclaimed together. Even though Julia had already guessed that, she was still very surprised.

“And, as the dream told you (which, by the way, I sent you), you can’t see or step on Thesauria, only the king and queen can. Indeed, you are destined to be the next royal couple. You were going to be crowned after your high school graduation, but, in order to be able to finalize your school, I will make an exception: I will crown you now. All I ask for is one favor: don’t tell anyone that I crowned you, because it’ll break my heart to upset the current kings. Don’t reveal this secret to neither earthlings nor illotemporeans. Keep your crowns in a safe place and only wear them in special cases.”

“That sounds complicated, but… alright” Michael said. “Thanks, I guess.”

“I’m willing to do anything for my angel!” Julia smiled.

The angel took Julia and Michael to the shipyard. The coronation was going to take place on the ship, next to the island. Unfortunately, they were not alone. Moony and Sunny were still running happily through the ship and were asking each other what was happening in different places, just for fun. They couldn’t travel together anymore given that the king and queen had to keep their secret. How were they going to tell the twins to leave? Especially since they were still dreaming about Thesauria’s treasure and they couldn’t tell them they had to go there without them… The angel replied to the two confused teenagers:

“You go and hide, I know what to tell them.”

Michael and Julia ran and took shelter behind a bush.

“I’m sorry, dear children, I have to go back to work. I had something to solve on the continent and you are not allowed to see me entering the island. Come on, I’m sure your mommy has hot food for you at home!” the angel approached Sunny and Moony.

“What a beautiful way he found to say it, so he didn’t lie to them at all!” Julia whispered to Michael.

“Except for the eating part… Hey there” he turned back towards a fairy, “can you go to Sunny and Moony’s mom and make sure she is baking hot food for the kids? I hope the angel is right…”

“I’m sure he knows what he is saying, but you’re so sweet, Michael!” the girl hugged him, when the fairy left.

The twins got out of the ship and ran towards Victoria’s Hollow. The future royal couple was watching from behind the bush and, when they were trying to leave, it caught them as in claws.

“Julia! Michael! You can come now!” the angel was shouting.

“We’re trying… but… we… can’t” Julia moaned.

When the celestial being came to search for them in the bush, they were no longer there. They were most probably caught in a trap. But, as far as they knew, there were no negative characters on Illo Tempore; only a few obstacles and challenges. But this seemed more like someone’s plan who was trying to kidnap them. Julia and Michael had a lot of experience in the fairytale domain and they could easily recognize such situations.

The two brave lovers woke up in a field where they had never been until then. They weren’t even sure if that place was a part of Illo Tempore or not. The hills and trees were not white, but golden, but other than that it looked a lot like the planet.

“Are we on…?” Michael started.

“Thesauria?!” Julia continued. “If so, there wasn’t any trap in that magical bush!”

“Since your coronation has been officially announced, even though only between us, you didn’t even need the ship to arrive on the island” the guardian angel explained to them.

“Our new friends, Moony and Sunny, told us the legend of a treasure that would be located on this island, and I wanted to ask you, is it real?” Julia inquired.

“Yes and no. There isn’t a classical treasure chest, like the ones for pirates, but the true treasure is the gift that we, angels, bring to life for any destined couple. Sadly, Sunny and Moony will never be King and Queen, so you can tell them the legend is not real, in order not to upset them. Everyone gets what they wish for and what they deserve. In your case, it’s the School of Life. While the king and queen were sleeping, I managed to get a copy of the crowns and, when they will be dethroned, the originals will get to you. You really deserve to get your treasure earlier because you have potential to change the world.”

“I don’t know, I don’t really like the idea of hiding from the current kings, I feel like we’re lying” Michael commented thoughtfully. “But really, how old are they? Or for how many years have they ruled? Can’t we talk nicely to them and find out when we will receive the original crowns?”

“I agree with Michael!” Julia exclaimed. “As we are already on the island, can’t we postpone the coronation until the high school graduation or when the current kings are going to retire and everyone will know us as the new royal couple, and now let’s take advantage of the fact that we’re here so we can help you?”

“You’re so smart, Julia!” the angel exclaimed. “I didn’t know that you’d get here without the ship either, I discovered it along with you. By the way, the powers of the crown copies are not as strong as the originals, but they still exist, so I think they’re worth keeping as memories, until the official ceremony.”

The angel arranged the crowns on the lovers’ heads and took them to the workshop.

Chapter 14. The angels’ workshop

The house with the workshop was situated next to the royal palace and it was shaped like a huge treasure chest, with the entrance through the lid, meaning through the roof. Theoretically, the entrance was only meant to allow the angels and other winged creatures to pass through it, but those who created it had no idea that the kind guardian angel would carry the Clairvoyant earthlings in his wings and take them anywhere they wanted.

There was a big mess inside that was showing a big sense of creativity. Julia remembered the goddess Victoria and was wondering if Thesauria was brought to life by the goddess herself. Michael was thinking of Moony and Sunny and the treasure of their dreams.

“So you want to be teachers at this school, right?” the angel woke the two daydreamers up to reality.

They both nodded as a confirmation.

“Look how things are going. I set up the schedule and decorated it with golden flakes from Thesauria. This will hang on your classroom wall in the high school. I suggested the Academy classes to take place every Friday, after your classes, so that you don’t have other homework for the next day. Now I’m planning the classbook. I won’t write the students’ names yet, since it’s going to be an extracurricular activity that is not mandatory, so you will write the willing ones. I thought of the grading system from 1 to 10, based on the following subjects: teleportation on Illo Tempore by desire, dueling for protecting your dear one and manifesting your future through art. Don’t hesitate to give them lower grades as well, that way they will know where they have to practice more. Therefore, I need you to help me first of all, to confirm that you agree with what I thought of, and second of all, please make me a demonstration, so I can see your teaching style.”

“Hello, dear students, and welcome to the Illo Tempore Academy! I am Michael and she is Julia. We came to teach you how to Lightwork” Michael started an improvised speech, which Julia continued:

“As soon as you’ve opened your inner eye and started to see angels, you can take this ability to a different level! We prepared three subjects for you that will help you develop your courage and find your true Self, and then true Love.”

“Perfect!” the angelic creator applauded.

“Was this all we had to do for now?” Julia asked.

“I hope not, I like it here” Michael smiled.

“To be honest, I felt like it was more, but now that you’re here, it’s piece of cake. It’s hard to work at your school when you are not by my side. Now, I think I have finished everything. Let’s take the schedule and the classbook to your high school and next week you can start. I will go back to my corner on Earth, next to your houses, and the angels from the high school will help you organize. I’m sure you can do it, but of course, don’t hesitate to call me if you need my help” the angel replied.

Before they could leave, Julia remembered a detail:

“Moony and Sunny have the power to see all the corners of the world. When we were first searching for Thesauria, I think they said something about some chess pieces in the workshop… Whatever that was, I think it was a really creative idea, so could you please tell me if we are still going to use them?”

“Oh, yes! Just like you, I was so happy to see you, that I almost forgot! The Academy entrance exam will consist of a game of enchanted chess. In fact, all the willing students will be admitted, but this game will test their knowledge in the field of self-return adventures. Your students will be the white pawns, no matter the number, and you will be the king and queen of the same color. For the black pieces, I created some symbols of the obstacles that can be found in illotemporean missions and, when the time will come, I will cast a spell to bring them to life.”

Julia and Michael thanked him and they all returned to the Illo Tempore continent, in the angel’s wings, because the ship wasn’t around the island, it remained in the shipyard. The angel didn’t let go of them immediately, but climbed them in the tree in front of the illotemporean castle. But, when they looked around, they were in the angel’s earthly tree. The castle has been replaced by the little houses and the Gold River by the fence that no longer existed between them. The angel explained to them that the two identical trees were the portal from one planet to another. The winged heart was placed in the earthly tree, while the rainbow came from the illotemporean one, emerging along with the sun after rain.

“How come we didn’t realize this before? This trick will save our lives!” Julia exclaimed.

“It’s true, we realized that the two trees looked alike, but we didn’t make the connection” Michael added.

The kids took the materials from the angel, got down from the tree and entered their homes happily, getting ready for the great week ahead.