Hogwarts Heaven

The first book that I published on this website is my Harry Potter fanfiction called "Hogwarts Heaven".

You can either read it or listen to it, both options are below. In addition to the audiobook, I also made an animated version of the story, where my real life friends, who I based the characters off of, are featured!

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Chapter 1. A new world

It was a perfectly normal summer day. I had just finished school and I had tons of freetime, so I was laying in my bed reading one of my favorite books, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. When I reached the part where my favorite character, Luna Lovegood, was introduced, I heard a strange music. It was like the voice of an angel. When I looked around, I was no longer in my bed, but in a beautiful, royal-like room, filled with bookshelves decorated with bronze eagles, while the ceiling was painted like a blue sky. For a second, I thought I had visited this place before, but it was just a weird feeling; I was not at home, but I felt like I was… It was just like magic, that’s hard to explain.

It took me a while to realize that I was not alone. A pretty, blonde girl, looking surprisingly familiar, came to me and asked, with a sweet voice:

“Hey Cho, what’s wrong? Are you having problems in your relationship with Harry Potter?”

“I - I’m not Cho”, I replied, a little shy. Then, everything started to make sense. It seemed like I was at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

“Are you Luna?” I added, neither believing my eyes nor my ears.

“Yes, that’s me”, the girl smiled.

“Hi, my name is Vera”, I told her. “I don’t know how I got here…”

“Welcome to Hogwarts Heaven, Vera!” Luna exclaimed. “If you arrived here, it means you’ve finished an important phase in your life and you’re ready to fly!”

“Well, indeed, I finished middle school, so… that’s actually really true!”

While thinking about what was happening and getting used with the idea, I noticed a little detail: Luna didn’t just say Hogwarts, she said Hogwarts Heaven. What could that possibly mean? Did I die and arrive in heaven? But I was pretty sure Hogwarts wasn’t a part of the sky realm, and Luna was definitely not dead… After a while, I realized that Hogwarts was nothing else than Heaven on Earth, and all the characters were angels. Apparently, I was one of them, too. Luna somehow read my mind and she approved my assumption.

Right after I understood the truth about that place, I observed Luna’s wings. They looked so natural on her, that I didn’t even notice them at first. I looked at my back and, guess what, I had wings too!

“So, this is the Ravenclaw Common Room, right?” I asked Luna, eager to find out as many things as possible.

“Yes! The Ravenclaw girls’ dormitory, to be more specific. I’m so glad we are in the same house, I think we’re going to be great friends!”

My heart was filled with happiness: Luna Lovegood herself wanted to be my friend!

“I don’t know why, but I feel like Ravenclaw is the only house in the heaven version of Hogwarts”, I told Luna. “I think it’s the most angelic house, and you are the most angelic character. Am I right?”

“Actually, we have all of the four houses. We are all angels here. But you are not totally wrong. In fact, I was chosen as the Queen of Hogwarts Heaven, due to my angelic personality. I have the feeling that you are a lot like me, therefore, one day you might become a queen too…”

“That sounds amazing!” I exclaimed.

This was probably the best day of my life. But one thing was obvious: being a Ravenclaw Angel in Hogwarts Heaven involves a lot of work and adventures, especially if I was going to be a queen, like Luna. Even though it will be hard, I will love it.

Chapter 2. My first flight

Luna made a huge tour of the castle for me. I recognized every single detail because I was a massive fan of the Hogwarts universe. I asked her if she could introduce me to Harry, Ron and Hermione.

“I didn’t see them in the Great Hall and I don’t know the password to the Gryffindor common room, but I’ll let you know as soon as I find them”, she replied.

“I want to discover everything!” I exclaimed. “Can you be my partner in this journey?”

“Sure, but I already showed you everything.”

“Can we go up there?” I asked, pointing to the sky through the window.

“Flying is not as easy as it seems, but I’m sure you can do it”, said Luna. She’s one of the sweetest girls I’ve ever met!

Even though I had never flown before, I was surprised to see I was really good at it. All I needed was the courage to start and, guess what, I had that as well.

Nothing was comparing with my feelings when my legs left the ground! I thought I could only do that in my dreams! It was still hard to believe I was not dreaming, though…

After spending hours exploring the sky, I found a beautiful, small house on a cloud. I felt attracted by it immediately, like I had lived there before; therefore I entered with no hesitations, just by listening to my instincts.

The interior of the house was… hard to describe in words. There was only one room with a bed and a shelf decorated with all of my favorite colors: pink, blue, gold and silver. The Hogwarts castle was painted on the wall and some little angel figurines were hanging from the ceiling.

But the most exciting part for me was the window. I thought nothing could beat the stunning views of the castle grounds from the Ravenclaw Tower, but trust me: the view from this house was everything. I could have spent my whole life staring at that landscape, but Luna woke me up from my daydreams.

“Look at the door”, she said.

How could I not realize this before? The door had my name written on it, followed by the words Ravenclaw Angel in the Hogwarts Heaven. Luna explained to me:

“All new angels that arrive in Hogwarts Heaven have their own little home which is where they truly belong. The home you had on Earth wasn’t your place, I’m sure you felt that. When earth angels arrive here it means they are ready to find their real home.”

“Since the day I’ve read the Harry Potter series, I’ve been sure that Hogwarts is my real home…” I said, thoughtfully.

“But it is!” Luna assured me. “Hogwarts is everyone’s home, while this one is all yours! Here you can find anything you wish for.”

I didn’t know what to say, so I just hugged my new friend.

Despite the small size of the house, there were more and more new cool things to discover as I was looking around. But a question hit my mind:

“Wait, isn’t Hogwarts a school, just like in the books? Aren’t we late for classes?”

“Yes, it is a school, just more heavenly than what you’ve read”, Luna replied. “Here we don’t have scary creatures or death-eaters, everything is peaceful. And Heaven is out of time, so you can’t be late or early.”

“Great! I would love to see what kind of magic angels learn, so can we go now, please?”

“Sure! You can meet all of the characters and also other people just like you!”

Chapter 3. The Raven Twins

Luna and I went to our first class together. It was the Charms class with Professor Flitwick. I didn’t see any main Harry Potter characters there, since there were only Ravenclaw students. But I saw a girl which seemed really familiar to me, even though we never met before and she definitely wasn’t a character in the series. I had the strange feeling that we were long lost sisters, despite the fact that she looked nothing like me. I somehow could read her mind and I realized that she was thinking the same about me.

We were sitting in opposite corners of the classroom, but we were constantly staring at each other, simply knowing that we’ll be great friends. We were too shy to start talking, but Luna seemed to know the truth about what was happening between us, so she went to the girl and told her to come here.

“Vera, this is Emma. Emma, this is Vera. Congrats, you just found your twin soul!” Luna said.

I knew it! I knew we were twins in a way or another! But I was still confused, and so was Emma, so Luna continued explaining:

“Hogwarts Heaven is a place where a lot of people find their twin souls. They are usually in the same house and you recognize them as soon as you first meet them. On Earth you most likely lived very far away from each other, but here your homes are identical; the only difference is in the names on the doors. The more you’ll chat, the more you’ll find things you have in common.”

After the classes, me and my twin decided to go on a flight together. I showed her my home and then she showed me hers. Luna was right that they were alike. And they were really close to each other.

Then, we continued our tour through the sky. We heard a choir of angels singing: It is time to be higher, to be higher now, / It is time to be brighter, to be brighter now, / A new school, a new friend, a new routine in this new life, / ‘Cos it’s time to be higher, to be higher now!

“I believe this is a sign for us”, I said to Emma.

“You’re right, twin!” she replied. “Let’s go higher now!”

Higher, we found a blue gate with bronze eagles on it. It was guarded by an angel that looked like a Ravenclaw version of Dumbledore.

“Welcome to Eagle’s Gate”, he said. “Only true Ravenclaws can pass through it. The first step to your new life was arriving in Hogwarts Heaven, the second one was finding your twin soul and now you’re at the third one. Each house has its own gate. What’s your house?”

Before having time to answer, the angel headmaster (or at least that’s what I guessed he was) responded to himself:

“Oh, wait… Your Ravenclaw energy is so strong, especially when you’re together! I never had a more obvious case before!”

We entered the world behind Eagle’s Gate. It was beyond description, we felt like it was our very own kingdom. The best way ever to start a new life!

Chapter 4. Behind the gate

Me and Emma were flying through the enchanting landscapes of the eagle world. It was a huge garden full of flowers of all shades of blue and voices of angels were singing in the background. No one was there, so we didn’t know what to do next, until a blue fire explosion happened in the middle of the sky. Then, the fireball turned into the shape of a beautiful woman with long, black hair and her dress could be easily confused with a cloud. She was wearing a crown that I initially thought was Rowena Ravenclaw’s diadem, but after a closer look I noticed that the crystal in the middle was in the shape of a heart and it was much shinier.

“Rowena Ravenclaw? Is that you?” I asked, feeling honored to meet the person that created my identity.

“Close!” the queen replied. “I’m actually Rowena’s spirit, the goddess of Ravenclaw and the ruler of the Eagle’s Gate kingdom. You two have a very important mission”, she added, handing us a piece of paper.

Emma grabbed it and we read it together, it was like a prophecy:

You just found your twin / A treasure you will win / Just face your biggest fear / And your new life is near!

“I don’t even know what my biggest fear is, I have a lot…”, Emma shared her thoughts with me.

“Same, twin”, I answered.

“I’m so sorry, but I can’t help you with the meaning, you will have to discover it by yourself”, the spirit said and right after that she disappeared, turning back into the blue fire.

Chapter 5. The hidden talent show

“So what are we supposed to do now?” I asked my twin.

“I don’t know… I guess we have to search for signs, since the eagle spirit won’t help us more.”

“I think we have to face some obstacles or something, but we don’t have a clue about where and when they are going to appear…”

I suddenly observed some clouds that were slowly taking the shape of letters: To start your new life, you have to unleash your hidden talents.

I showed the message to Emma and, before we could move, we got pulled by some sort of magnetic force into a circus where people (or should I say angels?) were drawing, singing, dancing, reading poems they’ve written and having fun. Others were exposing not-so-common talents, such as reading minds, moving things without touching them or disappearing and changing their appearance.

“Do we have to show these people what we are capable of?” Emma thought out loud.

“I think so…”, I said. “But wait, the clouds said hidden talents and we don’t know ours yet.”

We gathered all our courage and decided to ask someone what we were supposed to do in order to discover our hidden talents.

We came across three sisters singing in a band, dressed in the colors of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. As we heard their first song, we instantly became their fans and we knew they will know how to help us with our task, so we headed straight forward to them. First we expressed our admiration for their skills and then we shared our question.

“You have to look deep inside your hearts and find your hidden talents”, said the oldest one, which was wearing the red suit.

The middle-aged sibling, dressed in yellow, added: “When you can think about something you are talented at, you will know exactly if that’s the one you need to activate or not.”

The youngest girl, who seemed just a few years older than me and Emma and was rocking the green, gave us the final explanation: “After you find out what hidden talent you have, show it here on the stage. The judges, which are four really nice angels, will have to say their honest opinion about it and, depending on that, you will take one more step towards your new life.”

This made me feel a little scared, but I knew deep inside that I was ready to do anything for this change. We found a place to sit and talk about what our hidden talents could be.

“I’m good at drawing, but that’s not really hidden, I show my art a lot on social media…” I said.

“We all love your artwork, twin! That’s definitely not it…” Emma agreed. “Maybe it’s a musical talent, I heard you singing along to the sisters and you were really good!”

“Oh, really? But I don’t have any experience in that”, I responded unsure.

“Neither do I, but I guess we can give it a try!”

“I think this might be it!” I replied and then a crazy idea smashed my head: “And if the judges say singing is the answer, why don’t we ask the sisters if we can join their band?”

“Wow, that would be a dream come true!” my twin exclaimed. “But first let’s ask them to teach us a song that we can perform on stage.”

“Wait! Do you remember the song those angels were singing to us before we entered Eagle’s Gate? It was something about going higher in a new life.”

“Oh, yes! That one is perfect!”

We both remembered the lyrics instantly and sang it together: “It is time to be higher, to be higher now, / It is time to be brighter, to be brighter now, / A new school, a new friend, a new routine in this new life, / ‘Cos it’s time to be higher, to be higher now!”

That was only the chorus, which we were going to sing together in harmony, and we each wrote a verse (in fact, the angels wrote and whispered them to us). After about one hour of practicing, while we couldn’t help but laugh every time we were making little mistakes, we asked our new idols to accompany us with the instrumental for our song.

When the time has come, we were surprised to notice we weren’t nervous at all. The girls were very sweet and kind with us and they gave me a lot of confidence and inspiration.

“Life is a constant change, / Why does it feel so strange? / I know it’s not so easy, / How do I feel so ready? / It is time to be higher, to be higher now, / It is time to be brighter, to be brighter now, / A new school, a new friend, a new routine in this new life, / ‘Cos it’s time to be higher, to be higher now! / Doing things on my own, / Because now I have grown! / Different than other people, / But I fly like an eagle! / It is time to be higher, to be higher now, / It is time to be brighter, to be brighter now, / A new school, a new friend, a new routine in this new life, / ‘Cos it’s time to be higher, to be higher now!”

Everyone clapped their hands. I couldn’t spot the judges anywhere, but all the people in that room were looking at us, speechless. Most probably, as I already guessed, we had more than one talent to show until we’d receive the final results.

I heard a familiar voice coming towards us and I couldn’t believe it… It was the oldest sister:

“You did an awesome job! We would love to have you two in our band!”

Me and Emma looked at each other with wide open eyes.

“How - how did you… read my mind… I - we were…” I stuttered, shocked.

“Are you and your sisters Harry Potter fans?” Emma changed the subject, and to be honest I wanted to ask them the same thing, to know if the colors they were wearing were a coincidence or not.

“Of course we are!”, the Gryffindor girl answered. “Hogwarts has created such an amazing community! And our suits are in our actual house colors!”

She called the other two girls so we could all talk about enlarging the band.

“What houses are you in?” the Hufflepuff asked, but the Slytherin interrupted her:

“I’m pretty sure they are Ravenclaws, I mean… just look at them!”

“You’re right! I was thinking the same, but I just wanted to make sure”, said the middle sister.

“So, we are all witches”, Emma came to a conclusion after the girls responded to her question. “Me and Vera believe we might have more than one hidden talent and I think the second one might be about doing magic.”

“But is that talent hidden, as long as we arrived at Hogwarts? We definitely showed our magic abilities there”, I said, confused.

“Good point, twin, but we only had one Charms class and that’s all, because after that we met and flew away.”

“That’s also a good point, twin”, I smiled.

We went to the same spot where we practiced singing in order to practice magic.

Chapter 6. The power of magic

“Should we go ask a magician what to do, like we asked the three singers?” Emma asked.

“I think we can do it by ourselves this time, since we have already got used with the atmosphere of this place”, I replied.

“Let’s start with the spells from Harry Potter… But wait, we don’t have our wands!”

“That’s what I was thinking… But the actual hidden talent would be creating our own spells, all Hogwarts students can cast those classic ones.”

“I have an idea!” Emma exclaimed, with a huge smile on her face. “People say twins can read each other’s minds and we surely know how to do that!”

Her excitement quickly overwhelmed me as well.

“Oh, yes, that’s perfect! We really are talented at that, but no one knows it other than us! It’s like having our very own language!”

We had tons of fun practicing mind-reading. In contrast to the music rehearsal, time flew very fast, because we were more experienced in twinning than in singing. Also, this time it wasn’t a problem if we were going to laugh on stage. Reading minds was all about having fun.

We came up with the craziest telepathy games:

“So how is school going?” Emma asked.

“Great, I’m a-” I started, so she could guess what I was going to say.

“A Ravenclaw, of course”, she answered.

“So…”, I said, while I was thinking what else to ask her. She happened to say the exact same kind of “so” in the same time.

I felt the need to express my feelings, even though it had nothing to do with reading minds. But who knows, maybe she actually was thinking the same as me?

I exclaimed: “Oh, God! I’m so happy right now! My heart is filled! I feel so ready for this change! I have you, I have the band, I have Luna… What a colorful life!”

When I mentioned Luna, I knew exactly how to formulate the question for Emma, so I could maybe read her mind: Are you just as sane as I am?

Ever since I met my twin, the famous Luna Lovegood quote was our catchphrase each time we discovered something we had in common.

All I said was “Are you-”, because Emma interrupted me: “You’re just as sane as I am!”. I don’t even know which one of us read the other one’s mind, but it doesn’t even matter!

“Will we still be twins after the new life starts?” she changed the subject.

“Is that even a question?” I responded.

“Well I have one particular answer in mind and I want to see if you can guess it.”

“Oh, that makes sense now!” Then, I got it immediately: “Always!”

“Yes!” she smiled. “After all this time!”

And these were just a few of our dialogues. After we read each other’s minds around 1000 times, I felt an intimidating presence in the room and I saw a weird, black creature flying. For a second I thought it was one of the judges, but the singers said they were nice angels, unlike this one.

It was some sort of dragon, with dozens of penetrating eyes around its whole face, big teeth ready to break you into pieces and three pairs of dark wings that were causing strong winds when flying, the total opposite of the calm and soft wings of angels, such as mine, Emma’s or Luna’s.

The beast roared at us, angry or annoyed for some reason. I was terrified, and I could tell that so was Emma.

The fear made me remember something…

“Twin! Remember the prophecy the Ravenclaw goddess gave us? We have to face our biggest fear!”

“Oh, yes! Twin, you’re so smart! Let’s… attack the dragon…”

The truth is I really was afraid to attack. I never had the courage to step out of my comfort zone in life, until then. I knew it, this was the most important step in the life change!

Holding hands with my twin, we flew right to the monster to show him who’s the actual boss. We didn’t have any weapons with us, but we just proved our mental powers. There’s no spell stronger than love.

As soon as we got face to face with him, he tried to spit some fire or something through his mouth, but failed. Both me and Emma were trembling, but we took a deep breath and touched the dragon. He fell straight to the ground when we used our hands as wands and radiated our positive energy.

After he was nowhere to be seen, four angels dressed in pure white dresses, with flower crowns on their heads, one for each Hogwarts house color, showed up. The judges!

“10 out of 10!” one of them shouted.

“Well done, girls! You have just entered your new life!” the second one exclaimed.

“The actual hidden talent that helped you pass was neither singing nor reading minds, but fighting!” said the third angel.

“Yes, that’s right, you did an amazing job with the muggle dragon!” the final judge concluded. “You believe in yourselves and that will help you a lot in this new life.”

“Wait, what? The muggle dragon?” I asked, confused. “There is no such thing as dragons in the muggle world…”

“That’s right, we were born there and have lived there for almost 15 years…”, Emma continued.

“Yes, of course there isn’t, but that’s how we call this creature”, the judge explained. “Because he hates magic and whenever someone shows a wizarding talent, he gets mad and tries to kill them. Most of the people have the power deep inside them, but they are too afraid to use it, so, umm… it doesn’t really end up well. But with you, I - I’m speechless! You are one of the very first people who ever faced it! So, congratulations and welcome to your new life!”

All four angels clapped their hands. I felt like a queen. It was the best day of my life.

Chapter 7. The end, but the start

When the judges left the room, we got teleported back to the Ravenclaw Common Room in Hogwarts Heaven. But everything changed since I had first been there. Actually, it looked the same, but it had a different vibe, something more superior, hard to explain in words.

On our homework desk, we found something that for sure wasn’t there when we left the school: two big, blue roses with white angel wings instead of leaves. They were placed on a piece of parchment with a message: For my lovely sisters, Vera and Emma, Ravenclaw Angels of Hogwarts Heaven and heroes of the new era. Use your treasure wisely, it’s magical!

The note wasn’t signed, but I was pretty sure it was written by the Eagle’s Gate spirit, because her prophecy mentioned a treasure.

Like all the things she’s ever said to us, nothing was clear, we had to discover by ourselves how to use those roses. But for real now, how could we find out, without any kind of clue, what kind of powers those flowers had?

“It’s pretty obvious that they are one for you and one for me”, Emma said.

“They look like two hearts that beat as one!” I thought out loud.

“Here is yours”, she said while handing one to me, “and here is mine.”

We placed our flowers in our hair, hoping we will know when we will have to use them.

Then, we heard an amazingly familiar voice coming towards us. It was Luna:

“Emma! Vera! Welcome to your new high school!”

“Hi, Luna! We missed you!” I smiled. “Do you know anything about our treasure?”

“These roses symbolize the power of love and twinship. They will give you a lot of good luck and they will make sure you never lose each other, even in your future lives”, our queen answered.

“What about the note we found with them?” Emma asked. “It told us to use the roses wisely, whatever that means.”

“You have to think of a password that only you two will know. When one of you is in trouble, or even both, you can say it and the roses will sing a song just for you. But especially now, since you are more grown up compared to the old life and you gave up your fears, you will get easier through the hard situations, so you don’t have to say the password for every single obstacle. That’s why you need your wisdom to use them, but you are Ravenclaw Queens and I believe in you.”

“Thank you, Luna!” we said together and hugged her. I’m not sure about Emma, but at least I was about to cry when she said those last words.

When she told me about the roses singing a song, I suddenly remembered something…

“Wait! What about our band? They remained in that hidden talent showroom and I don’t think we can go back there too soon…”

“Twin, don’t you hear anything downstairs?”

Emma was right. The three beautiful voices could be heard singing in the Great Hall.

“Let’s go to them!” she said. “Luna, would you like to come with us?”


And yes, the three sisters were there, making a concert in honor of the new life. We came to the conclusion that they were nothing else than Hogwarts Heaven students just like us. It seems like they were each other’s twin souls, despite being in different houses, and they happened to get through the phase of showing their talents in the same time with us.

They stopped in the middle of a song when Emma and I showed up.

“Our Ravenclaw Queens!” the Gryffindor sister exclaimed happily.

“We were waiting for you, lovelies!” the Hufflepuff one added.

“Come on, sing a song with us to mark this start!” said the Slytherin.

We accepted their offer instantly and we sang Higher Now again.

All students, and even teachers, clapped and smiled to us. I could see all the main Harry Potter characters between them; they have changed their lives as well. I never had more fun at a party before!

After the concert, all the students had a festive meal. We all talked about our impressions and goals.

We may have had a lot of adventures, but there are even more to come, this is just the beginning.

Dear Reader, thank you so much for following our journey, it means a lot to us!