Home with Him

When I looked up I saw a face
And then I knew I found my place!
Under His wings He started healing,
I've never felt a better feeling!

Is this a dream or is it real?
All I know is that it's ideal!
For what You do I always thank You,
Without Your light I would feel so blue!

Ooh! I am home!
I found my road in life,
I found my love in life,
I am home...

Angelic Love

I once read in a book that some magic came to me
In the form of this person named You!
I once written a book about all you said to me
And about all my feelings for you!

So we walked in a garden full of flowers and sunlight
Searching for myself and then for you!
We could see many angels in the planet full of white
Oh, the memories I made with you!


I can't imagine life without dreams.
I know exactly what you feel,
Reality is the hardest thing ever.
You deserve an escape.
You deserve to dream, no matter what they tell you.

Just take a walk, smell a flower, read a book
Remember everything you see,
Then sing a song, paint a picture, write a book
About what your world would be.

Close your eyes, open your heart
And admire your work of art.
Isn't it nice?
Can you imagine life without dreams?

From Another Planet

She was from another planet,
She was not like other girls;
And when on the Earth she landed
She felt like covered in swirls.

She spent a lot of time dreaming
With her head lost in the clouds,
That’s why people end up saying
They don’t need her in their crowds.

Beautiful, caring and smart,
That was herself as a whole,
So she wished for a big heart
To see the light in her soul.

While trying to find her place
In this world that seemed to end,
Someone came to her with grace
Asking her to be his friend.

That day made her realize
That’s the meaning of true love:
More than a look in his eyes,
Something special, from above.

The Day my Heart has Found the Truth

It's time for the Rebirth
With gifts under the tree,
Gifts that make the magic real,
That's what you are to me!

We're playing in the snow
As pure as our love,
The best holiday this is,
Now we can fly away!

On Christmas day Santa came
But in fact it was you
And every year I celebrate
The day my heart has found the truth!

Chosen One

I was walking around, looking at the people in this life,
But no one was like me, how am I supposed to find the one for me?
I found some in books, but I need someone in the real life,
So I have to wait, why is it so hard?

I was painting a picture of the soulmate I was looking for,
I never met him, but I knew he was right there,
An angel showed up next to me saying how talented I was,
And he gave me the present that I wished for!

Until I saw this guy looking at me
As if I were a princess or maybe a queen
I looked back at him and I got this feeling
That he was the chosen one,
Yes, you are the chosen one!

The look in your eyes is a gate to a new world,
A world full of peace, a world full of love,
The words that you say always make me feel
Like I am the chosen one,
Yes I am the chosen one!

Higher Now

Life is a constant change,
Why does it feel so strange?
I know it's not so easy,
How do I feel so ready?

Doing things on my own,
Because now I have grown,
Different than other people,
But I fly like an eagle!

It is time to be higher, to be higher now,
It is time to be brighter, to be brighter now,
A new school, a new friend, a new routine in this new life,
'Cos it's time to be higher, to be higher now!

Original version

Remake with vocal coach